‘Money Machine’ Riddim Prod. Shabdon Records

Chronic Law ft. Unknown Gringo- ‘Money Machine’

Chronic Law and Unknown Gringo need a ‘Money Machine’ right now they are making so much money that they are having a lot of difficulties counting it. With their bank books pilled up like “Mango Tree” they definitely need to count their money out with a ‘Money Machine’.

Deep Jahi- ‘Hustler’

Deep Jahi is a natural ‘Hustler’, he is going to always be hustling to make the money. Deep Jahi is always going to keep finding different ways to make cash.

Shane E- ‘Money Dream’

Money is subject of Shane E’s dream at the moment, he’s focused on the money and doesn’t want it to escape. Every part of his dream is focused on money. Shane E is seeing a whole heap of money.

Laden- ‘Dominating’

Laden keeps his circle small as he looks to dominate the haters. Laden is making sure that he limits his circle so he has no badmind people around him.

Shane O- ‘Question’

No one will be questioning Shane O’s badman credentials after this track. Shane O is about to come to your block fully strapped and ask some serious questions. You be answer the correct way.

Noah Powa- ‘Never Snitch’

Noah Powa is certainly no snitch on this track, he is never going to ‘Snitch’ on his friends, no matter the circumstances. Noah Powa is always staying true to his friends and never turning into an informer.

Jahvillani- ‘Murder’

It’s straight ‘Murder’ from Jahvillani on this track, do not step to Jahvillani or the Wileside because there will definitely be some severe consequences. Jahvillani is definitely not scared to make an example of you.

D’Judge- ‘Loose It’

D’Judge is about to let it loose on the opposition, D’Judge is pulling up with his pretty gun and about to show the opposition exactly why you should not stand up against him or the 6ix. This is real life badness, D’Judge is not just saying this for music.

Blak Ryno- ‘Juicy’

Blak Ryno is ‘Juicy’ on this track, he has the juice that has the gyaldem going crazy, every gyal wants to come to Blak Ryno’s yard to get a taste.

Vershon- ‘Weh Yuh Think Bout Mi’

Vershon does not care ‘Weh Yuh Think Bout Mi’ on this track, Vershon does not care what the haters or badmind people think about him, he is not going to let them drain his energy. With his ‘On and Off Switch’ Vershon is just not going to listen.

Jafrass- ’51 50′

It’s all about millionaire badness for Jafrass on ’51 50′, Jafrass is at a different level of badness following his success and money and wants everyone to know about it on ’51 50′. From the expensive lawyers, to the expensive weaponry, money has afforded Jafrass a different level of badness.

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