‘Brown Leaf’ Riddim Prod. Jugglerz Records

Munga- ‘Turn Up’

It’s time to ‘Turn Up’ a little more with Munga, it’s time for more ice and drinks in cups as Munga is about to ‘Turn Up’ with his hi-grade burning up, the party is about to fully ‘Turn Up’.

Vershon – ‘Chop It Up’

It’s time to roll up with Vershon, start as you ‘Chop It Up’, then roll it up and light it.

Mr. Lexx – ‘Gaad Know’

Only ‘Gadd Know’ what is going to happen when Mr Lexx hits the road, Mr Lexx is the baddest thing on the roads and is about to show everyone why on this riddim.

Hydal – ‘Self Love’

Hydal is preaching ‘Self Love’ on the ‘Brown Leaf’ Riddim, don’t listen to what the haters and badmind people have to say, stay to yourself and love yourself.

Zagga – ‘Weed Man’

Zagga is looking for the good weed, he needs the good hi-grade, but he knows exactly where to find it. As the neighbourhood weed man Zagga knows exactly where to get the “good trees”.

Supa Hype – ‘Street Smart’

You have to be ‘Street Smart’ with Supa Hype, make sure you know exactly what you are doing when you hit the streets with Supa Hype.

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