Steamz- ‘Wine Up’ (Hardcore Riddim)

It’s time to ‘Wine Up’ for Steamz as he drops a whining anthem on the ‘Hardcore’ Riddim produced by Real Records UK.

Steamz, who recently featured as one of our Introducing artists, has dropped one for the gyaldem with ‘Wine Up’, you need to take serious notice of this one.

Steamz comes with a fast pace on this riddim, as he is ready to get the gyaldem to ‘Wine Up’ for the general. He wants to see the girls bust their finest moves as he watches them “wine and bubble up” their bodies. Steamz is liking what he is seeing and doesn’t want to see the gyaldem stopping.

Check out the gyaldem ‘Wine Up’ for Steamz below

Krysie- ‘Spoil Me Good’

Krysie wants to a man to ‘Spoil Me Good’ on her latest single voiced on the ‘Peppa Mint Riddim’

Krysie who recently featured as one of our Introducing artists has dropped an incredible single in ‘Spoil Me Good’ coming with an old school style dancehall track, which demonstrates a variety of her skills. Krysie develops her really impressive vocals on the track, but also shows that she can change it up and toast on a riddim, even interpolating some of the classics on the track.

Krysie just wants someone to ‘Spoil Me Good’, she wants someone to spend money on her, she wants someone to treat her right. Krysie is sick and tired of men nowadays, she just wants a man with a steady well paid job to provide for her and treat her right, she is not open to any broke men. Krysie just wants a man that can treat her nice and treat her she deserves to be treated.

Magma J- ‘Slay Bad’

Magma J, who recently featured as an Introducing artist on our website has dropped his latest single ‘Slay Bad’. Magma J and his whole team are stepping out and slaying the competition, buying up the Gucci store, the competition simply can’t compete. Magma J and his whole team are “cold like England”. 

Magma J steps out with Slay Bad Musiq on his latest single, as they both look to kill the competition with style on this track. The artwork on the single really brings across the message presented by Magma J, with the clearly Gucci inspired cover really hammering home that Magma J is here to step out in style and provide us with some big tracks. Magma J has definitely delivered with ‘Slay Bad’. 

Curtisy- ‘Synthesizer’

Curtisy, who previously featured on our introducing artists segment drops brand new track ‘Synthesizer’ on Akam Entertainment.

Curtisy brags about his abundance of skills in the bedroom on this track, comparing his levels of skills to those possessed by MacGyver. Curtisy rides this riddim perfectly coming with a catchy and infectious track, that also displays a high level of lyrical skill from the deejay, dropping one liners throughout the track. Curtisy is showing more and more promise and we can’t wait to see more from the deejay.

Black Rose- ‘London Girl’

Black Rose returns with another big track ‘London Girl’ following the release of her ‘ZeZe’ Remix ‘Don’t Like Me’.

‘London Girl’ sees Black Rose going more in a dancehall style, interpolating Diana King’s classic ‘Shy Guy’ on the hook and going fully patios throughout almost all of the track.

On ‘London Girl’ Black Rose is flaunting both her musical and physicals attributes, coming with a really impressive track that has Black Rose telling us all the ways she is keeping the men around her mesmerised.

Black Rose has got an amazing record on her hands with ‘London Girl’ and I strongly suggest that you check it out on iTunes and support the movement by purchasing this incredible track. To quote Black Rose it’s only “79p on iTunes cheaper than a bag a chips”. Get used to hearing a lot more of the name Black Rose.

Black Rose 2