Introducing- Wilwa Mobsta

Born Oji Kymani Sutherland, Wilwa Mobsta is all about music, he doesn’t even like discussing his age as he thinks that people’s expectations and perspectives are often swayed by irrelevant information like age and he just wants his talent to speak for itself.

Wilwa Mobsta was born in Waterhouse, Kingston and has moved around a lot in his life and currently resides in St Thomas.

Wilwa’s main musical inspirational is his older brother, Wilwa has tried to replicate his older brothers styles and flows before creating his own. He is also heavily inspired by Nina Simone, Mutabaruka and Twins of Twins.

He describes his musical style as free flowing from the heart, he loves dark and gloomy melodies with this being his preferred style of music.

His stage name Wilwa was taken from his father who passed away in 2016. He choose this name so that he always has a part of his father with him. He added his own meaning to it over the years and now sees it as “being one self in any situation, being wise, and not allowing the opinions of others to dictate your actions. Stronger and wiser when I’m alone”

Introducing- Rebel Sixx

Introducing Rebel Sixx from St Paul, Trinidad. At 23 Rebel Sixx is currently signed to Para Music Group TT in Trinidad as well as holding a close connection to the 6ix in Jamaica, with Rebel Sixx citing Squash as his mentor.

Rebel Sixx has been working alongside many of the biggest emerging producers in dancehall including Hemton Music, Attomatic Recrods, One Time Music and Skybad Musiq.

Many see Rebel Sixx as one of the hottest dancehall artistes coming out of Trinidad and that reputation is definitely going to continue with a rumoured collaboration with Squash in the works.

Introducing- Klaritay

Born Kemar Rodney on the 5th of July 1998 in Tower Hill, Kingston, Klaritay attended the Clan Carthy High School in Kingston. Klaritay is a multi-skilled deejay and songwriter who is looking to break into the dancehall scene.

Klaritay has already worked alongside top emerging producer Haynes Records, with Haynes Records also producing for the likes of Kalado, Stein, Chico and Khago. Being a well respected produced both in Jamaica and internationally, Klaritay has been able to see from Haynes Records what it takes to succeed in the dancehall scene.

Klaritay’s first single ‘Bad Gyal Academy’ was also produced by another top emerging producer Simple Youths. Klaritay is very thankful to have worked alongside some of the best emerging producers in the dancehall space.

Klaritay began his career as a promising local deejay who has always maintained a strong connection to his lyricism, with rhymes and harmonies being the focus of his work . His career began performing at local talent shows and competitions.

Introducing- Takeova a.k.a Chop Chop Boss

Takeova a.k.a Chop Chop Boss, whose name is Cornelius Fletcher is from Trelawny. He has been doing music since he was in high school, but first got recognised in late 2018 when he released the hit song ‘Chop Chop’ which has since gone on to receive over 220k views on YouTube. Since the release of ‘Chop Chop’ Takeova has continued to release music with upcoming tracks like ‘Polo’, ‘Opulent’, ‘Stay Humble’ and ‘Fast Food’.

Introducing- Leosean

Upcoming reggae artiste Leosean was born Sean Lewis on the 14th of August 1991 in Spanish Town.

At age 13 he began in career in music when he began to write and perform music for the people in his community.

Aged 17 Leosean migrated to the US and produced his first single ‘A Million Miles Away’ which was released when in 2015.

Leosean prides himself on his smooth reggae vibe, with his ultimate aim in music being to make more music that people will enjoy to listen to