Introducing- Cookie Di Oven Boss

Introducing up-and-coming dancehall artiste out of St Ann, Cookie Di Oven Boss

Cookie Di Oven Boss was born Jadae Trevor Gest on the 5th of November 1993 in St Ann. He is widely known in the Jamaican music industry as ‘Cookie Di Oven Boss’.

Gest has been very active in the dancehall scene as a artiste, performer and song writer. He is quickly becoming popular among the upcoming artistes in Jamaica and has even featured on stage shows with some of the biggest artistes in dancehall and reggae including Popcaan, Sizzla, Chezidek and Louie Rankin.

Through his time in the industry Gest has also recorded several big collaborations with some of the artistes he has featured alongside including Louie Rankin on his single ‘Far Away’ which was released in October.

Introducing- Genista

Genista, was born Okimo Cameron son the 18th of March 1994. Growing up he was one of six children, his parents found it hard to fully afford to send him to school. This lead to Genista to take to hustling on the streets to try to make his own way.

Genista’s journey in music started when he was playing around with an old computer and a mixing programme, until he started creating his own beats that he could sing and deejay on.

Genista sees himself almost as a certain entity to Okimo, as he sees Genista as his special ability to use music to reach the people and lift himself and his family out of poverty.

Genista sees himself as a quiet, loving, honest and humble individual, who is very studious in his approach to the music industry.

His parents are his biggest inspiration, in terms of music he looks up to other artistes such as Bob Marley, Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Tifa, Spice and Mavado.

Genista is currently managed by Temple Swing Records, under this team he has managed to released singles like ‘Some More Love, ‘Action’, ‘Family First’, ‘Longest River’ featuring Red Cherry; which are all produced by Temple Swing Records.

The overall goal for Genista is making his parents proud by being the best he can in music. He aims to be one of the great dancehall and reggae icons, not only in performing, but also producing.

Introducing- Zizi

Introducing Zizi, an upcoming dancehall artiste from Kingston.

Zizi born Hosiah Sterling on the 23rd of November 1993 to Isiah Sterling and Barbara McIntosh, was born and raised in Central Kingston, in the area known as Spanglaz or Manhattan.

He attended the All Saint Infant School, North Street Primary and later went to St. Ann’s Bay High School.

Growing up in his community there was and still are not enough opportunities for young people, most of the youths in his area to Zizi’s admission “are uneducated, jobless or just living on the streets”.

Seeing this in his community, Zizi decided that he wanted to make it out of the ghetto, to find a better life for himself and his family. From around 11 Zizi recalls making riddim with his friends, they would beat a desk or board to make riddims and they would all take turns deejaying.

At age 16 Zizi took to the studio but didn’t have enough money to mix the songs he had recorded, Zizi has a lot of good songs that he has recorded but believes he needed more help at the time to push him to the forefront of dancehall.

For a lot of people Zizi’s early experience would have deterred them from pursuing music further. However, Zizi did not give up on his dreams, he continued to write songs, record new music when he had the opportunity and continued to share his music with his friends and family.

Zizi’s aim is to make it into the mainstream and international market. His aims are not just limited to music, he wants to put himself into a positions to help the less fortunate, those like him that did not have the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Introducing- D’Judge

Introducing D’Judge a new upcoming dancehall artiste from Kingston.

D’Judge born Carey Lewis, was born in Kingston and grew up in the Common Community on Red Hills Road in Kingston.

He attended Kingston College before getting expelled in 4th Form. Following this incident D’Judge turned to residing on the streets, which is where he career in music began.

Despite having a relatively short career in music so far, D’Judge has been able to collaborate with some of the hottest artistes in Jamaica, collaborating with Squash on his recent single ‘Let’s Go’. Alongside these big name collaborations D’Squash has also been able to release some extremely popular solo work with tracks like ‘Gun Thief’ and ‘Terrorist Friend’.

D’Judge is currently working on an EP titled ‘Until Death Call Ma Name’. The title of which really highlights the lane that D’Judge is aiming for with his music, with his sights being set on hardcore dancehall.

Recently D’Judge’s success has taken him to St Maartin to perform as well as having him line up amongst names like Popcaan and Jafrass at Eastern Extravaganza.

2019 is going to be a big year for D’Judge, expect a lot more new music and new videos from this incredible emerging talent in dancehall.

Introducing- Natural Image

Introducing up-and-coming artiste Natural Image

Natural Image was born Jason Henry and raised in the Dover District of Kitson Town, St Catherine.

He was brought up in a musical family, with his whole family also being passionate about music with his whole family also enjoying to sing.

Natural Image sees himself as a multi-talent artiste and songwriter, he loves to travel and has a deep connection with his faith and wants to wants to play his own part in the universe.