Vybz Kartel- ‘Badmind’- Video

Vybz Kartel’s ‘Badmind’ gets the visual treatment directed by Bling Blang as Kartel drops his anti-Badmind anthem on the Shabdon Records produced ‘1Don’ Riddim.

Medician- Interivew

Our latest interview is with upcoming talent Medician. Medician has scored some underground hits with tracks like ‘Pretty Neck’, ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Fake Friend’ and looks set to continue to grow in his name in the dancehall scene in 2019. We talked to Medician about his aims, his influences and his background in our latest exclusive interview.

What were your first experiences of recording music?

Medician: “When I was growing up my dad and bigger brother used to listen to a lot of music and had a lot of records. You used to have the single version and the B Side, which had an instrumental on it. I used to practice rapping over the instrumental.

Who were some of your biggest inspirations when you started your career?

Medician: “Cutty Ranks, Buju Banton, were my favourites, I used to sing over their songs to practice performing”

When did you first get into a professional recording studio and actually experience recording music?

Medician: “I used to have a school mate who played a soundsystem, that soundsystem eventually turned into a studio, I got used to performing, performing at his soundsystem.

My first experience of recording was on cassettes, which I would bring into school. One day I saw auditions at King Jammy’s, I had to ask my teacher for permission, I was the one to succeed and that was my first experience of being around a big studio”

What are some of your big current singles?

Medician: “‘Tax Driver’ is the track that is bringing me to the forefront, it’s a tune for the taxi and bus drivers. It has helped to push my ‘One And Move’ slang and establish Medician as the ‘One And Move Boss’

How would you explain your creative process?

Medician: “Take ‘Taxi Driver” as an artist I do songs from experience, I always admired their jobs and I tried to put myself in their position and try to judge what their experience would be”

Where are some unexpected places that you have seen your music reach?

Medician: “I have done a lot of dubplates for people around the world. I have done dubplates for sound systems in Italy. I keep trying to put music out and connect with the most people”

What are some of your aims in your career?

Medician: “I’m trying to do music that will influence people in a positive way, make music of love and hold vibes.

I try to be influenced by any artiste, I look at their work and promotional skills, but also look at the quality music they produced and the teams they have around them”

What are your main aims for the rest of 2019?

Medician: “Grow more in the music, stay focused, building my brand, I want more subscribers and more followers. I aim to do a lot more singles and tracks”

Is there anything that you would want readers to know about you?

Medician: “I want everyone to know that I am bringing bare vibes and bare love. Follow me on social media, subscribe to my YouTube and Vevo and like my Facebook Page”