Iyara x Chronic Law- ‘Bank Of America’

Iyara and Chronic Law are coming through looking like the ‘Bank Of America’. Both are stacking the paper high and are not afraid to show it off on this Up To Time Records produced single.

‘Still Loyal’ Riddim Prod. SOL Records

Konshens- ‘Not Ashamed’

Vershon- ‘Again’

Shane O x Tommy Lee Sparta- ‘Riches’

Beenie Man- ‘So It Stay’

Wayne Wonder- ‘Focus’

Tamo J- ‘On My Journey’

Singer J- ‘Dem Can’t Hold Me’

Jus Chris x Iyara- ‘Flava’

3 Star- ‘Feel Good’

Qrush- ‘Rich’

‘Kingston 6’ Riddim Prod. Boysie Records

Iyara- ‘Neva Neva’

It’s a gyallis anthem with Iyara on ‘Neva Neva’ as Iyara is looking to please the gyaldem with his gyallis ways, he could ‘Neva Neva’ leave a girl unsatisfied.

Pamputae – ‘Advertisement’

Pamputae is putting out an ‘Advertisment’ as she is looking to advertise the goods, but she has certain criteria for those looking to invest in the ‘Advertisment’. They have to be able to treat Pamputae both with their money and their good c**ky.

Intence – ‘Bad Yuh Bad’

Intence tells a girl’Bad Yuh Bad’. Intence wants this girl to know how he is thinking and exactly what he is going to do about, he’s going to take this girl to the bedroom and show her a good time.

Shallack – ‘Phuk’d Up’

Shallack’s head’s ‘Phuk’d Up’ his girl has left him for another man and it is making his head feel ‘Phuk’d Up’. Shallack doesn’t know what to do as everything seems to be going wrong for him right now.

Stacious – ‘Laugh Offa Dem’

Stacious is ready to ‘Laugh Offa Dem’ as she is observing everything that the girl’s around her are doing. She knows that they can’t compete with her, she doesn’t need to fight over any man, she is too busy to worry about that.

I Waata – ‘Yahh’

Is I Waata a bad deejay… ‘Yahh’. I Waata shows his badman lifestyle on ‘Yahh’ as he looks to show the whole of the dancehall that his badman persona is not a gimmick. Is I Waata a badman… ‘Yahh’.

Kootan – ‘Sicka Don’

Kootan is the ‘Sicka Don’ he is ”sicka” than the rest of the scene and he proves it on this track, as he proves that his head sicker than the whole of them head.

Intence – ‘Talk Talk’

Intence drops his second track on the riddim with ‘Talk Talk’ as he looks ready to step out against anyone that is foolish enough to come against him. Intence really murders people and he is about to make an example out of his opposition as he perhaps to shoot up their place.

D Dominant – ‘Trap Daddy’

D Dominant is the ‘Trap Daddy’, the ‘Hot Daddy’ for the gyaldem. D Dominant is dominant whether he’s trapping or getting gyal and he looks to prove that on ‘Trap Daddy’.